Jane James

Queensland by satellite.

Jane James silk scarves

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Gorgeous images of the diverse Queensland landscape produced through satellite imagery and remote sensing.
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Each unique image is of an area of the Queensland landscape, and comes with a description of the area depicted, accessible by a QR code on the scarf.
They are produced to order, measure 1020mm x 1020mm and are priced at $A150.00.
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Jane James

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Showcasing areas from the rivers of the Cape and Gulf to the desert and agricultural landscapes, these scarves have been made in Australia on 16 Momme pure silk, and printed using non toxic, solvent free, water based pigment inks.

They are the product of an artist-in-residency by Jane James at the Ecosciences Precinct, Brisbane. The images are courtesy of the Remote Sensing Centre housed in the Precinct and are reproduced with their kind permission.

The Landsat 8 images are displayed using a combination of spectral bands - 6 (short wave infrared 1), 5 (near infrared), and 3 (visible green). The images were supplied by the United States Geological Survey and processed by the Queensland Government’s Remote Sensing Centre.